General recommendations and guidance on your decision:

  1. Order Volume I: you cannot begin this training system without Volume I
  2. Contemplate Volume V: The HARDEST part of starting this training program is the first 2 to 3 weeks. Volume V allows a seamless start to the training system. We have priced it as the most affordable video on purpose, we want you to have help at the beginning. This is a video you could share with a training partner!!
  3. Do you need volume IV?: (Who will be helping you learn this exercises?) Someone needs to be there to help you learn the exercises right. If that person is used to teaching lifting exercises (not just doing exercises), then chances are you do not need this Volume
  4. Are you brand new to lifting? I would recommend Volumes 1 & 5 for certain and then address the previous question regarding volume IV
  5. Use the chart below to help guide your decision. Then visit FAQ page or send us a question, through the "contact us" link, for more guidance.

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