Volume II: Injury Prevention: 100 prehab drills to keep athletes in the game

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In this 2
nd video in the Sport Performance Preparation Series, Injury Prevention: 100 Prehab drills to keep athletes in the game, Barry Kagan introduces and teaches the techniques associated with the broad-based category of Prehabilitation. Not to be confused with rehab exercises, this product is not intended to rehabilitate athletes from injuries, but rather to assist in the injury preventative process associated with being physically prepared for competition. Coach Kagan presents avenues for improved balance, stability, and proprioception that can be integrated into strength and conditioning routines. He shows how these drills can fit as an adjunct to strength training through direct ‘exercise prescription’ or through use as a functionally based dynamic warm-up or cool down. Exercises are separated into body part specific groupings to allow coaches and athletes an easy decision in selection of exercises that address common injuries in their particular sport.
Coach Kagan also presents a method for using prehab as a critical method of improving adherence to in-season strength training routines. Exercises on this video will open new and creative approaches to injury prevention and recommend systematic approaches for adding functional strength and balance routines to your workout sessions.
Bonus materials:
  • Presentation on integrating being consistent with in-season training
  • Circuits that can be useful for preceding or following practices or lifts
(2h 24m)