Volume IV: Expanded teaching methods for the non-strength coach

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In this 4th video in the Sport Performance Preparation Series, Expanded Teaching Methods for the Non-Strength Coach, Barry Kagan presents an expansive and useful instructor’s guide. The goal of this video is to allow a non-exercise professional to assist an athlete with the learning process. Barry shares his experience of many years training athletes new to the weight room; training hints that can be a worthwhile addition to any personal trainer or new strength coaches video library. He addresses common mistakes and offers extra teaching methods beyond what is offered in Video I for:
  • Olympic lifting movements
  • Squats
  • RDL’s
  • Bench press
  • More
In addition Coach Kagan reviews spotting techniques – proper spotting for the safety of the athlete while promoting independence on the part of the athlete.
This video was a special request on the part of Coach Kagan at the start of this project, because he wanted to empower athletes to have the opportunity to train in the safest possible way without necessarily needing to lay out the expense of working with a performance coach. There is no replacement for the nuanced experience of a real life strength coach or having access to a sport performance training facility, but with this video is aimed at athletes who don’t have the resources to seek that help on a regular basis. Athletes can include a parent, a mentor, a physical education instructor, or even their high school or club coach in their process. This is not a stand alone video; it is bound to embedded footage and bonus materials found on Volume 1, but handing this video to someone who is willing to help the athlete can go a long way in
improving the athletes opportunity for safe and effective training, and that was Barry’s main focus in producing this video series!
(2h 26m)