The following are to add visual description to exercises that
  1. needed additional clarification on technique
  2. were not clearly identified in the video series
  3. have been included in workout routines released after release of the video series
  4. are needed for clarification for consulting clients

Deep Psoas Stretch

  1. Be patient with getting balanced with long lunge
  2. Yoga strap or other static rope is best - save elastic bands for more advanced level
  3. As athlete sinks into stretch, extend the arm for deeper hip flexor elongation
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  • !- Arm option increases the complexity in terms of balance and depth of stretch
  • standing on BOSU blue - - advanced - increases the proprioceptive activation, can increase stretch
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Piriformis/Psoas Partner Stretch

  1. Athlete in position for piriformis stretch
  2. Partner grabs rear foot, places hand in small of athletes back to assure stability
  3. with verbal guidance form the athlete, partner supports the knee and opposite hip to apply added stretch to psoas
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Terminal Knee Extension (when lacking elastic band)

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Terminal Extensions can be performed on a normal cable machine with an "ankle harness," as shown above. emphasis is still on full extension on knee and paused contraction of the quadriceps. to increase load (a) increase weight on the cable machine or (b) place small plate under the forefoot
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Irish Jig

Standing on left leg: alternate touching left hand to right foot in front, then left hand to left foot behind….switch feet