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Welcome to Sport Performance Consulting

Welcome to Sport Performance Consulting! This site offers many avenues for enhancing your performance pathways. One of the most difficult aspects of establishing a training program is finding a balance between your workload and active and passive recovery. It is in inevitable that anyone looking to elevate their performance capabilities faces a multitude of ideas and suggestions on where to begin. It is difficult to weed through fitness and performance training trends and the latest gimmicks to find an effective, safe and reasonable training system. Any systematic approach to performance training must begin with the establishment of long term goals, so individuals can formulate realistic short term objectives. Your training program should take into account these short term objectives without losing sight of where you strive to be in the long run! The videos and associated workouts found in the Sport Performance Preparation Series can fill a void for aspiring athletes. Training programs focus on the basics of a weight room based strength training program, and then expands to include injury prevention, speed training, agility preparation, flexibility, and more. Calendars in a 11-week preseason preparation program offer a balanced systematic approach to your upcoming season’s preparation, and options related to consulting can help you key-in on those long term goals and shorter term objectives to make the process more fluid for you as an athlete on the move.

Sport Performance Preparation video series

This website offers you an added resource in your path through the Sport Performance Preparation video series produced by Championship Productions.
This website will offer helpful links and, as it becomes necessary, updates to materials included with the videos. In addition this site provides opportunities to seek consultation in addressing your own particular sport performance training needs.
Barry will be posting helpful hints and frequently asked questions to ease the learning process for individual athletes who might feel a bit lost with the volume of information included with the video production.


Barry is available for individualized sport performance consultation sessions. Sessions can offer individualized guidance on making the Sport Performance Preparation series work best for you, or use it to access a wealth of knowledge on proper year round preparation as a coach, athlete, or performance coach. One of the most difficult parts of starting a program is in the establishment of realistic short term objectives that can guide you toward a realistic long term performance goal. Barry wants to see you succeed in your performance venture, but he wants to make sure your goals are reasonable and are not going to set yourself, as an athlete or coach, up for unreasonable expectations.
Barry prefers to conduct sessions via video on Skype to enhance his opportunity to demonstrate or evaluate movements, but phone based sessions are also available.
Sessions are affordable and prices are often negotiable when purchased in package format - with several planned sessions.
Clients who purchase videos
through this website will occasionally qualify for free sessions or discounted sessions (receipt showing purchase from this site must be retained to qualify for those discounts). Visit the store for more details on available discounts and to find out more about a free session.

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