Free or discounted Consulting Sessions!!!

The following information is intended only for those patrons who purchased videos through this website ( and qualified for free consulting sessions at time of purchase.

All other consulting inquiries click here. Opportunities to capitalize on free consulting sessions will be offered occasionally throughout the year, as time becomes available at SPc to accommodate a large number of requests.

In order to accommodate requests for free/discounted sessions, you must retain your receipt of purchase generated through Google Checkout. That receipt will have to be attached to the initial request for an appointment

Setting up your free/discounted sessions

It is important that you
follow all procedures and fill out your forms in detail in order to maximize the outcome of your consulting session. The better prepared/informed we are prior to the session the more responsive we can be to your needs

It is very important that you complete both of these item requests with detail - We want you to get the most out of a consultation session. In our mind you are the same as a paying customer and your time is precious!

1) In order to arrange an initial session you must begin by requesting an appointment by clicking the link to the right.
  • You will be asked to include a copy of your purchase receipt from the purchase of the videos that qualified you for free consultation
  • Include two preliminary day/time request (one within a week and one the following week or beyond)
  • We will do our best to accommodate as many 1st requests as possible, but please understand at busy times 2nd requests may be difficult to work with as well. We will find a way to make sessions happen, but please understand we must address multiple requests in the order they are received.
2) After connecting with Sports Performance Consulting and an appointment time is determined, complete the new client questionnaire
  • Submit the form a minimum of 3 days prior to the scheduled session
  • address any followup questions we send you by email before the session to maximize your time!
Please understand that even though your sessions are free - you will be accommodated like a paying customer and will receive the same priority in scheduling that others receive. Unfortunately, at busy times of the year, all customers may have to wait beyond what they anticipated in terms of a timeline for addressing their needs. Thank you for understanding!