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FAQ's - SPP Video Series
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General Questions

Athletes: Purchase Volume 1 now. If you have limited experience with organized strength training and injury prevention you need Volume 1 to begin any part of this training series. Volume 1's introductory material will last a minimum of 4 weeks and can be stretched to 6 weeks. At the completion of the Introductory Strength Training Routine you will be faced with many training options, and possessing Volume 3 at that time will be a significant benefit to your preparation. It is recommended that by completion of week 3 of the the introductory routine you should be prepared to place your order for Volume 3. The advantage of waiting is that it allows you time to try out the first volume and determine if the system will work for you.
Sharing the video: It is not recommended that you purchase Volume 1 with the intension to share it with a teammate UNLESS you will both have easy access to the DVD. Volumes 1 and 2 require repeated reference for new information and instruction, and therefore are not good for joint use.
Helpful Idea: you may be able to discuss purchase of Volume 3 with a representative at your school. They may be able to purchase the video as a resource for coaches or PE teachers. You will not own the copy, but can access the material. NOTE: institutional purchases often take time and planning. If you like the idea of trying this angle, ask early and expect a delay.

  1. If you are looking to slowly build a library for reference material, please visit this page for guidance and prioritizing your needs.
  2. If you are looking to help an athlete get started with the series, Volume 1 is the first purchase you must make.

Read through the "athlete" section above, and then determine whether you will need added assistance in regards to
Volume 4, can see your child being patient with the learning process and determine whether they will need Volume 5.
Bundles are always available at reduced cost. See 'Special Offers' for more detail. SPc is not permitted to sell videos below retail price except in situations approved by Championship Productions. Purchase of 3 DVD's from this site will permit 25% reduction in consulting sessions for the first year you have the videos (you must retain purchase receipt). And 25% sessions for 2 years for those that purchase the entire 5 Volume set.
Occasionally this website will offer free consulting sessions with the purchase of the entire series.
We will gladly discuss free consulting options in group sale situation - i.e. team purchase, etc.
If you have already watched some of the recorded introductions found on Vimeo (visit the links), there is a possibility seeing a sample of the Start Here Guide can help - please see sale items listed here
The "What's Next" page of the Start Here Guide does not account for all the embedded materials. Many embedded items (manuals, plyo, speed, agility workouts, power point presentations and more) are included in those 70 files, not just workouts. In regards to the "What's Next" chart - in an effort to keep the flow chart "clean" and manageable it only guides users at transition points. For example, if you have just completed cycle-1 of off-season training for court sports, the bottom of the workout has the following information listed. You are only directed to go back to the "What's Next" chart when absolutely necessary.
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