About the Sport Performance Preparation Video Series

While working on the field hockey videos produced by Championship Productions in 2011, I proposed an idea that began an 18 month journey in creating a video series aimed at general athletic performance. The idea behind SPP video series was to establish an affordable accessible reference for athletes of all levels* looking to maximize opportunities for performance enhancement in a structured systematic manor. There are many effective training programs out there for athletes to choose from.
In every case: the athletes best opportunity for safe performance enhancement is through judicious guidance through personal training or group performance training programs.
The problem: for most athletes, access to structured, consistent, organized training that is under the guidance of a strength and conditioning coach, or accredited performance training coach costs too much money for athletes to make the long term and consistent commitment needed for improvement.
My goal: create a system of training advanced enough to allow an aspiring athlete to:
1) learn how to strength training, 2) apply effective athletic performance training methods, 3) have the tools to commit to a year round approach to preparation, 4) Develop in a way that grows with the program, so it can be applied for multiple years.
These are aggressive goals that require straddling a continuum of complexity balancing the complexity and usability teetering between the following characteristics:
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