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Volume II: Injury Prevention: 100 Prehab drills to keep athletes in the game

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This video is not intended for rehabilitative purposes, please contact a certified Athletic Trainer (ATC), licensed physiotherapist or physical therapist for guidance.
  1. find the Content&Index_SPP file embedded on your DVD, then (a) see the first page of the file to determine how you want to look of the exercise, (b) note the volume of the series your exercise is found on, and locate the section and subsection you need to access on the DVD
  2. After trying step one you still cannot find the right footage: Visit the update page by clicking here and see if the item is listed. If the item is not listed, PLEASE contact us so we can guide you, or be alerted to missing information
Excuse the typo. As with most of the SPP series, color coding matters. The workouts on pages 3 and 4 of the document are different as are the colors. Workouts highlighted in light brown are Court Sports, while those highlighted in grey color are Strength and Power. An updated version of the workouts with proper titles can be found here.