Volume III: Fit, fast, & flexible: An athlete and coaches guide to year-round performance training

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In this 3
rd video in the Sport Performance Preparation Series, Fit, Fast, and Flexible, an athlete and coaches guide to year round performance training, Barry Kagan offers 2½ hours of video footage and multitudes of embedded materials focused on preparing the athlete beyond the weight room. Segments on this video include substantive introductions and numerous drills and exercises focused on:
  • Speed Mechanics and Dynamic Warm Ups
  • Plyometrics
  • Speed training (linear speed and acceleration)
  • Agility training (non-linear speed and acceleration)
  • Conditioning drills
  • Flexibility
Kagan has embedded a tremendous amount of training material:
  • Conditioning manual to guide proper administration of drills
  • Agility manual listing format of drills that can be printed for use on the field on training days
  • The Start Here guide that instructs the athlete with easy to follow flow charts that determine which program to implement based on the timing in their year round preparation.
  • 15 weeks of off-season strength and performance training routines for each of the Performance Pathways:
    • Distance Sports
    • Field Sports
    • Court Sports
    • Strength and Power Sports
  • Presentation on helping a multi sport athlete prioritize their training
  • In-season lifting programs that can be used with most sports to maintain the gains you achieve in the off-season
  • Templates for sport coaches and performance coaches to set weekly and seasonal goals, make lift cards, adapt training calendars to specific needs of your sport.
(2h 28m)