Sport Performance Preparation (Series Overview)

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Barry Kagan’s
Sport Performance Preparation Series contains all the tools necessary to take athletes to the next level in their athletic pursuits. The five part video series contains nearly 15 hours of footage, and over 70 files of bonus materials that can guide an athlete from the start of off-season preparation to the completion of post-season play. The athletes used on the video are some of the top athletes in their respective sports in the country – track, lacrosse, wrestling, soccer, swimming, field hockey, baseball and more.
After the completion of the first video’s introductory training methods, athletes and coaches are presented with multitudes of embedded training programs that can be prescribed for almost every sport. This is accomplished through Coach Kagan’s Four Performance Pathways that permit a differentiated training approach Field Sports, Court Sports, Strength and Power Sports, and Distance Sports. There are hints and guides throughout the series that make this the most comprehensive performance training series on the market today!

This project that began as a method to present athletes with an affordable and systematic way to make a competitive transition to college athletics can serve a greater role as an introduction to the entire training program:
  • College Sport Coaches can present as a training model for incoming athletes
  • Club Sport Coaches can use as a guide for their respective teams
  • Collegiate athletes who lack off-season support can seek guidance
  • Strength and Conditioning Coaches can use this as a guide for an intern program – intern curriculum to be made available soon after the video release
  • Physical Educators now have a guide for their eager athletes
  • Personal trainers have a guide for training athletes
  • Gym Owners can offer a system of training to their personal trainers and a method of training fitness instructors in basic technique

In conjunction with videos 2 and 3, athletes and coaches can have a training system that can last for multiple years, in multiple sports.

Bonus Features are numerous, but none more important than the 11+ week preseason preparation program offered for each of the Program Pathways (distance athletes are supplied with strength training and injury prevention programs, fitness is left to their respective coaches)