Please note: Consulting opportunities are available for anyone seeking individualized advice or recommendations given their own preparation for sport or coaching.
Questions concerning the videos or training programs for the sake of clarification can be addressed by visiting the
FAQ's section of this website. If you do not find what you need there, please contact us for clarification. In most cases you will not need to schedule consultation in thee situations

Consulting Fee Schedule

Consultation sessions (phone or Skype) are available in 20 and 40 minute increments
20 minutes: $30
45 minutes: $40

You do not submit payment until after appointments are arranged

Note: Consulting fees do not include costs associated with requests for individualized program design. These can be discussed within your session or by email.

Package Discount

Packages are available in sets of three sessions
3 x 25 minutes: $80
3 x 45 Minutes: $105

You will pay for all sessions after scheduling the first appointment.
It is recommended that all three appointments be set up in advance,
but with 24 hours notice changes can be accommodated.

Workouts designed just for YOU...

Athletes: Let us to design your individualized training program to guide you in the process or preparing and peaking at the right time.

Sport coaches: we can assist in the process of designing a program that offers:

  • individualized guidance on how to train your team,
  • maintain a good workload/recovery balance,
  • find creative ways to staying consistent with in season strength training.

Seminars & Workshops

Barry is available to speak at your seminar or workshop on topic related to strength and conditioning, program design, recovery ideas, and more…
In addition, Barry can be brought in to conduct a workshop in your area based on the Sport Performance Preparation video series.
In either case please return this
form and include detail on when you want him to come in and what you are looking to cover.
Barry is also available for consultation within an athletic department setting to trouble shoot and maximize systems of training and resources within the collegiate or high school setting