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About Sport Performance Consulting

Sport Performance Consulting was established in 2012 in preparation for the release of the SPP video series. The primary purpose of SPc is to act as a resource for clarification of the video series and to establish a pathway for maximizing access to information for those participating in the guided training process. SPc is a trade name working in conjunction with BK Bodyworks, LLC a strength and conditioning and massage therapy and sports recovery company established in 2008.

About Barry

Barry holds a degree in Kinesiological Sciences from the University of Maryland, College Park (1995), and a Bachelors of Science in Nursing from the University of Maryland, Baltimore (2011). He was among the first 70 strength coaches to receive the Masters accreditation from the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Association (CSCCa) in 2008. He has been certified by the CSCCa since 2003 and by the National Strength and Conditioning Association - CSCS since 1996. Barry Kagan's primary experience as a strength and conditioning coach encompassed a seventeen year career at the University of Maryland, College Park. In addition to his time at UM he spent time working with the National Hockey League, Australia Women's Lacrosse, US Field Hockey developmental camps, NCAA Youth Education in Sport Clinics, and numerous summer sport camps aimed at collegiate prospects. Barry has spoken at numerous clinics, seminars, and workshops including a co-instructor at a conference at Beijing Sports University in China (2010).
After earning his BSN in December 2011, and becoming an RN (registered nurse) in early 2012, Barry left the full time field of strength and conditioning to follow his wife's career and focus on a developing SPc. He stays current on current training methods and is available for consultation. Barry lives in Santiago, Chile with his wife - He is currently training clients at 110 Sport and Health: a sport performance and rehab facility in La Dehesa.

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Caliber of Teams, Athletes, Coaches

Team and athlete success does not equate to quality strength and conditioning, but the lessons learned from high caliber athletes and well coached teams have offered Barry a wealth of knowledge that goes beyond the titles his teams have earned. During his time at the University of Maryland, Barry saw his teams capitalize on tremendous talent and work ethic. Barry worked with a multitude of sports led by more than a handful national coaches of the year and several who have already been inducted into their respective sport Hall of Fames. In addition to his direct team assignments, Barry spent 13 years assisting with the implementation of football performance training. In conjunction with his football experience Barry took the helm during 5 summers transitioning incoming football players to the demands of collegiate training.

As a testament to the caliber of teams and athletes, Barry's assigned teams

  • won 18 Atlantic Coast Conference championships
  • appeared in 29 final 4's
  • won 15 Division I NCAA National Championships

Among individual athletic talent, Barry has worked with
  • more than 100 1st team All-Americans
  • more than 10 National player of the year award
  • more than 30 athletes who went on to play in MLS,
  • athletes who went on to lasting WNBA careers
  • athletes who went on to lasting W-League (soccer) careers
In addition numerous student athletes who worked directly with Barry have earned caps with national team selections and/or Olympians for the USA and abroad in sports of soccer, field hockey, and lacrosse.
As an assistant to Dwight Galt, Barry helped implement training for dozens of future NFL players and several NBA 1st and 2nd round draft picks
The success of the teams and athletes Barry has had the honor to work with is not as a result of the training protocols implemented, but rather a team effort made through coordination of coaches, athletic trainers, and support staff who enable the success to occur. It is the athletes themselves who do the real work and earn the titles and accolades.