Sport Psychology - No athlete has all the answers, and any coach who seeks the peak level of performance from their team understands the worth of having an external motivator involved with their program. Sport Psychology or team building processes must mesh with team and coaches' mindsets. There must be a commitment on both sides of the relationship to blend the maturity of the athletes, the style of the coach, and the performance goals of the team as a whole. Choosing a philosophical approach to sport and training is directly related to finding the right fit for your team. Here are three personal recommendations I can make that I know have experience working with a wide variety of teams with a long history of success:
Jerry Lynch, PhD:
David McDuff, MD:

Nutrition - never to be overlooked, nutrition and sleep are the most important aspects of exercise preparation and recovery. It goes beyond rumors of what works - and often to understand the science behind good nutrition you may need professional guidance.
Jan Jakubcek, RD, CSSD, LDN:
Nutirtion and Performance:
Nutrient timing:
Journal of International Society of Sport Nutrition:
College Recruiting is a complicated and perplexing process even for the most talented athletes and parents. The following links can be extremely beneficial in directing you through the recruiting process: