What others are saying about Barry Kagan and the Sport Performance Preparation video series:

Jerry Lynch, PhD - Founder: Way of Champions (wayofchampions.com)

I have a strong professional understanding of how strength and conditioning plays a significant role in the process of physical preparation for sport, and how it can have a direct impact on the confidence and commitment athletes have in the competitive arena.  Given Barry's experience and respect among some of the most successful NCAA coaches, I have no doubt a committed approach to his training programs will cultivate the performance improvements you seek!

- Jerry Lynch, PhD
Founder: Way of Champions (wayofchampions.com)
Author/Motivator - Leadership and Performance Development

Brian Pensky, Head Coach – University of Tennessee Women’s Soccer

"Barry Kagan is the epitome of what you want in a coach - his focus is on developing each individual.  Athletes come in all shapes and sizes, and have all different types of needs and wants. Barry's ability to connect with each athlete, and know what each individual will need in order to maximize his or her or potential, is truly special. Whether it be injury prevention, strength maintenance, strength training, explosiveness, agility - you name it - Barry knows it, and he knows how to approach each athlete, within the proper times of the year, based on the athlete's competitive schedule.”

Brian Pensky:
2010 Soccer America Coach of the Year, Collegiate Women's Soccer

Dwight B. Galt III, Director of Performance Enhancement - Vanderbilt Football

"Wow!  Finally a comprehensive, complete approach to training elite athletes in a totally user-friendly format! But I would expect nothing else from Barry Kagan!  In the 15 years that I worked side by side with him at the University of Maryland, Coach Kagan consistently demonstrated excellence in his preparation of the thousands of collegiate athletes under his direction.  His extensive knowledge base, along with his organization and people skills, not only lead to incredible individual results of the athletes that he trained, but also was a huge contributor to the 14 NCAA National Championships that his teams accomplished!
What makes Barry Kagan special is not only his mastery and understanding of what really works, but also the total comprehensiveness of his approach.  His goals for each of his athletes has always been to achieve that ever elusive “maximization” of the physical preparation dynamic and I know of no one who has consistently approached this level of excellence as much as Coach Kagan.  From strength and power basics to speed, agility, flexibility and balance training, Coach Kagan’s video series covers all the areas necessary to give the athlete that edge that will show up on the field/court of competition. His pre-habilitation programs have been proven time and time again to be extremely effective in the reduction of injuries as well as another tool to increase movement effectiveness.
I would strongly recommend Barry Kagan’s training system series  to any athlete whose goals are not just participation in sports, but to excel in all areas of preparation and achieve that ever challenging  competitive edge."

Corliss Fingers, Director of Strength and Conditioning - Southern University

“I continue to use an early version of Barry's Introductory Workout routine that is the basis of the first video in this series. I send the more simplified version to incoming student-athletes of most of my sports. Barry’s programs stick to the basics and maintain a systematic and progressive method of teaching the lifts needed at the collegiate level.  Expanding beyond the 1st video coaches and athletes will realize an entire year of training can be mapped out from the clearly delivered material contained in this 5-DVD set!  I can also wholeheartedly recommend this series to my colleagues in the field of Strength and Conditioning and especially to those aspiring to be strength coaches."

Zach Macmath, Goalkeeper: Philedelphia Union, MLS

"Barry is an amazing Coach that can really help athletes prepare for college. Working with Coach Barry helped me tremendously in being a professional athlete."

"With patience and hard-work, anyone can achieve their goals under this program."

Zach MacMath:
2010 Goalkeeper of the year (Topdrawersoccer.com), 2011 1st round draft pick (MLS).
International experience: Starting Goalkeeper USA U-17, U-19, U-20 National Teams.
Began training with Barry at age 16 after early high school graduation.

Professor Michael Ma, University of Maryland & Board of Directors - NSCA

“Vigilant strength and conditioning is the crucial for optimal performance for athletes in all sports. However protection of athletes from injury and harm from over training are also major responsibilities of Strength and Conditioning coaches. Barry Kagan has proven himself to be an elite Division I NCAA coach who was instrumental in taking his University teams to multiple championships. He strictly abides by training methods that are evidence-based and was meticulous in planning training regimes for his athletes. In this work, Coach Kagan has shared his many years of experience with the readers, athletes and coaches alike. I sincerely applaud his passion hard work.

Michael Ma, PhD teaches and conducts research at the University of Maryland, College Park. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)

Craig Fitzgerald, Director of Strength and Conditioning - Penn State University

"I had the opportunity to work side by side with Barry as an assistant strength coach at the University of Maryland. With Barry the mentorship never ends, his ability to teach athletes flows into teaching parents, sport coaches and fellow strength coaches; I was fortunate to be one of his many mentees….he has never been concerned with a person’s level of talent; he is only concerned with how he can help that person maximize their potential. Barry will demonstrate the highest level of loyalty to a trainee by leaving no stone unturned in his approach and designing the most specific training program and coaching and teaching that person on how to drill the program in order to make the most improvement."

Dan Barlow, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach - Real Salt Lake, MLS

"Barry Kagan is one of the best strength and conditioning coaches I’ve ever known.  The athletes he’s trained have consistently competed for championships in a variety of sports, and his attention to detail when preparing athletes for competition is exceptional.   You can use his consulting services and performance preparation videos with the confidence that you are on the right path to improve your performance on the field of play."