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Barry does not have any workshops or clinics with open registration at this time. If you are considering having a clinic or workshop and would like Barry to attend, please contact him regarding availability

Sport Performance Preparation Videos

  • Maximize the use of Barry's Sport Preparation System
  • Understand the magnitude of this training program and the ease of implementation it can offer exercise professionals

If you have a group of personal trainers, private strength coaches, sport coaches, or physical education instructors and would like to have Barry come to you and run a workshop to maximize the multitudes of embedded training programs for athletes with whom you work.

Clinic Presentations

If you are running a clinic for specific sports or strength and conditioning in general, check with Barry about the possibility of being a presenter/speaker.

  • Designing a performance training program to fit your needs
  • Warm up design
  • Flexibility
  • Creating your system for injury prevention
  • Making recovery work for you