Volume V: Next level strength training - a real time workout

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In this 5th video in the Sport Performance Preparation Series, Next Level Strength Training - A real time workout
Barry Kagan narrates over Kiani and Zach’s demonstrations of exercises for the introductory workouts. The two athletes guide new lifters through the workout routine in a downloadable file that you can carry with you on a handheld device in the weight room. This video is not a stand alone product. It must be used in conjunction with video 1 and the associated embedded workout cards. This video is intended to assist the lifter and his coach or parent with the pace, set up, and completion of the routines until the athlete has a sense of how to do all the exercises and how to logistically make it through the introductory workouts. This DVD includes downloadable files to ease the transition of learning from the video to hands on participation:
  • Introductory Body Weight Circuit
  • Weight room Warm up and Injury prevention sequences
  • Introductory Workout Day I
  • Introductory Workout Day II
  • Dynamic Warm Up Routine (for on-field workout preparation)

In addition to downloadable resources, the DVD contains abridged reviews of technique for all exercise contained on the Introductory Workout Routines. These offer handy reference for exercises with increased complexity.

This video will serve as a valuable resource to new lifters, lifter who may be intimidated by the novelty of the weight room, or parents, coaches and physical educators who may want a convenient guide to assist in real time while athletes are learning their lifting routines.
(2h 26m)